Planning Process

Once we have determined a fit, our planning process begins

Step 1: Discovery and Understanding

We will have a face-to-face introductory meeting to identify and understand your goals, vision, special concerns, needs, objectives and expectations. We gather and review your financial documents and information. Risk tolerance is discussed to plan your strategy. We believe sound decisions are the key to financial success. Our decisions depend upon having complete and accurate information. We require full disclosure and participation.

Step 2: Analyze and Evaluate

We will analyze your financial information, identify planning solutions and evaluate alternatives. We develop the goal based financial plan & recommendations designed to meet your desired objectives.

Step 3: Wealth Management Plan Discussion

We will present the comprehensive wealth management plan in detail. This includes an analysis of your goals, the current probability of success in meeting those goals, and the investment plan and recommendations necessary to achieve success. This discussion reviews the quality of information to ensure that we have an accurate understanding of your goals.

Step 4: Implement Wealth Management Plan

We will open the new accounts; transfer existing assets; execute agreed-upon investment strategy. Involving your other professionals (CPA, attorney) in this stage of the process helps in the efficient implementation of a variety of strategic solutions.

Step 5: 45 Day Follow Up Meeting

We will meet in person with the objective of organizing your financial documents and helping you understand the statements and general correspondence from our firm. We will provide you with an organization system and help you identify what is important to be retained. We will help you get online account access and develop a schedule for future appointments.

Step 6: Monitor, Review, Communicate Regularly and Make Adjustments

This is an ongoing step aimed to provide the appropriate level of personalized service.