Retirement Planning and Education

The Harvest Group specializes in working closely with corporate benefit departments to customize retirement education forums for employees preparing to leave the workforce. We develop and present programs that will help employees understand their corporate benefit plans, such as: their pension plan options, 401K or 403B plans, medical, etc. In addition, we help them understand how their employer plans integrate with social security and other non employer benefits that they or their spouse my have. With this knowledge, the employee and their family can move into the next stage of their life with confidence.

For over 25 years we have worked with companies and business owners who are concerned that after a long career, their employees retire without fully understanding how to maximize their retirement, company or government benefits. Our programs are designed to help alleviate that concern.

The Personal Financial Plan that The Harvest Group develops, along with detailed discussion and input from the employee, will allow the employee to understand whether his financial future after retirement will be successful We utilize Goal Based Planning. In addition to financial security, your goals may be travel, pursuit of hobbies, helping grandchildren with their college education, charitable causes, etc.

The Harvest Group 30,000 foot view of your Personal Financial Plan:

On one side of the ledger, there are resources such as income from your employers pension; Social Security or other government benefits; as well as income from your investment assets, both retirement and non retirement assets. On the other side of the ledger, there are needs. In other words, how much do you need to live on to support your life style – both fixed (food, clothing, shelter) and discretionary (travel, hobbies, gifting). We then assume that you will live until your early 90s, unless you tell us other wise. We also take into consideration the affect of inflation on your buying power – maybe the biggest concern that retirees face over their 20 – 30+ years in retirement. We also assume that during your retirement years there will be good market environments, bad market environments and all of the different market environments in between.

With this information, we determine a “probability of success” in achieving your personal financial goals. We will recommend adjustments to the plan’s assumptions if the probability of success is too low; we may suggest that you retire later, save more between now and then, spend less, etc. Conversely, if the probability of success is too high, we might recommend that you take less risk with your investments, spend more, travel more, increased gifting today, etc.

Your Personal Financial Plan is a living, written document that we will review with you on a regular basis. Life events and your goals may change and as they do, the assumptions we use in the plan will change. Together, we will use your Personal Financial Plan as a road map for a successful financial future for you and your family.