The Harvest Group is a multi-generational family team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ that takes a long-term perspective to growing individual and family wealth. Our fiduciary duty is to always act in your best interest, and we understand from first-hand experience that family wealth management is not just about money, but often involves complex, non-financial issues that include family dynamics, amicable conflict resolution, family business succession planning, and more.

It’s an honor to know that clients trust and depend on us to guide them through both good and, more importantly, difficult life events.

Roger H. Ingwersen

From his modest beginnings on his family farm in Iowa, Roger Ingwersen learned that the harvest season is a metaphor for much of life’s challenges. This metaphor aptly describes the wealth management process and is the reason we’re called The Harvest Group.

Just as a farmer prepares the land, plants the seeds, and grows his crop through the unpredictable season before the harvest, wealth management takes a similar approach.

The Harvest Group works with you to prepare your Lifetime Financial Plan. Our Chief Investment Advisor plants the seeds of your financial future by constructing and actively managing your custom investment portfolio, which, when combined with Lifetime Financial Management™, helps grow and safeguard your wealth against life’s typical, as well as unexpected, events.

Our unique Harvest Wealth Management for Life puts it all together so that you can benefit from many harvests over the years, whether it’s purchasing your first house, funding a child’s college education, or, ultimately, enjoying in retirement the harvest bounties you built over your lifetime.

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