Executive Compensation

An Executive Compensation Strategy That Pays Dividends

Executives can spend years climbing the corporate ranks. Once in a leadership position, when time is so precious, they often struggle to maximize the return from their compensation package. Harvest Wealth Management for Life™ helps senior-level executives extract the maximum value from their salary and benefits plans.

There’s more to executive compensation than meets the eye. Compensation plans today can be complex and have varying impacts on wealth creation and preservation. Leveraging our deep understanding of executive compensation strategies, we help you understand, analyze, and develop a plan to maximize the impact of your salary, stock options, and benefits.

We do so through the following services:

  • Concentrated Stock Services
  • Stock Option Strategies
  • Restricted Securities
  • Collateralized Loans, OTC Option Collars
  • Estate & Financial Planning
  • Net Unrealized Appreciation

An effective executive compensation strategy begins with clear objectives. The Harvest Group helps executives arrive at an effective blueprint that can maximize their personal compensation plans.

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