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As a multigenerational family team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™, The Harvest Group is dedicated to working with individuals and families to help them achieve their financial objectives. We provide individuals, families, and family businesses comprehensive, personalized wealth management solutions which we call Harvest Wealth Management for Life™.

Industry statistics indicate that while nearly all Financial Advisors provide investment management services, only 7% offer ongoing assistance with the planning and management of the non-investment parts of your financial life. 

According to a Vanguard study, fiduciary financial advisors save their clients 3% in annualized returns. They do this by properly allocating assets, regularly rebalancing portfolios, identifying cost-effective investment opportunities, preventing bad financial behavior, and enforcing disciplined spending strategies. It’s possible to do this without an advisor, but unlikely. LINK TO VANGUARD STUDY

The Harvest Group, on the other hand, takes a truly comprehensive approach to wealth management which we call Harvest Wealth Management for Life®:

  • Lifetime Financial Planning™
  • Investment Management
  • Lifetime Financial Management™
  • Relationship Management

Lifetime Financial Planning

Lifetime Financial Planning

Harvest Wealth Management for Life begins with a custom, comprehensive financial plan aligned to your specific needs, goals and time frames.

  • Goal-Based Planning: A successful wealth management strategy involves clearly defined goals. Our team works with you to develop a personalized wealth management strategy that takes into account your current situation and long-term objectives.
  • Retirement Planning: Retiring with peace of mind is something everyone should enjoy. Our retirement planning services will put you in touch with a financial advisor who will help you maximize savings, grow investments and protect wealth over time. Learn more.
  • Life Events Planning: Marriage and divorce, birth and adoption, job or career change. These events encapsulate the profound changes we experience during life. Our Life Events Planning services will help you anticipate and financially prepare for all of life’s changes, the common as well as uncommon ones. Learn more.
  • Cash Flow Planning: Managing cash flow is an essential but overlooked element of successful wealth management. We help our clients develop an optimal strategy for maximizing cash flow in a way that mitigates taxes and investment risk.

The Harvest Group believes that financial planning isn’t a one-time event, but an evolving process that reflects changes over your life. Just as your personal goals and finances change, so should your financial planning. This process is captured in our Lifetime Financial Planning™ service.

Lifetime Financial Management

Lifetime Financial Management

Planning and management for the non-investment yet still critical parts of your financial life:

  • Wealth Enhancement: Wealth enhancement involves clearly defined goals and a specifically tailored investment plan. From financial planning to retirement, our team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ works with individuals and families to develop a clear view of their long-term wealth management strategy.
  • Wealth Transfer & Estate Planning: Planning the transfer of your wealth is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. We help individuals and families identify the need for an estate plan, focusing on: wills and trusts, gifting, succession planning, family wealth counselling and family business succession planning. Learn more.
  • Wealth Protection & Insurance: Insurance protection is a foundation of most wealth management plans. The Harvest Group provides through its trusted professional network custom wealth protection strategies that can help you cover liabilities and even replace income due to unforeseen events. Learn more.
  • Executive Compensation: Executives typically receive very generous compensation packages, but don’t always maximize their earning potential. The Harvest Group works with senior-level executives to extract maximum value from their salary, retirement contribution and benefits plan. Learn more.
  • Credit & Lending: Wealth management strategies often involve business opportunities and real estate acquisitions, making access to credit an essential tool for long-term growth. Our network of lending professionals can provide real estate loans, securities-based lending, mortgages and other credit tools to help you diversify and grow your portfolio. Learn more.
    Charitable Giving: Charitable donations are an important consideration for many wealth management plans. The Harvest Group helps clients develop a tax efficient strategy that maximizes their charitable contributions.
Investment Management

Investment Management

Through our Investment Committee, The Harvest Group will design on your behalf a fully discretionary investment strategy based on fundamental research and technical analysis.

Discretionary Investment: Through our discretionary approach to investment management, we will advise you on an optimal portfolio strategy and expertly navigate you through the financial markets. Our fiduciary standard of care commits us to acting solely in your best interest. The Harvest Group will expertly create and execute a portfolio across all traditional and alternative asset classes. Learn more.
Fundamental Analysis: At The Harvest Group, we believe that a solid understanding of economic and market-based fundamentals is essential for long-term value investing. Our experienced team of financial analysts perform in-depth research in developing custom investment strategies for individual and family portfolios. Learn more.
Technical Analysis: It’s often said that the technical indicators drive the vast majority of market activity. Our financial analysts combine technical analysis with a fundamental approach to value investing. The result is a highly diversified investment portfolio that responds to short-term trends without compromising the long-term vision of your investment plan. Learn more.

Relationship Management

Relationship Management

The Harvest Group believes that Relationship Management goes beyond the relationship between ourselves and our client. It is also the coordination on your behalf of your professional advisors and administrative support team.

  • Individual Clients & Families: Our team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ works with individual clients and their families at each stage of the wealth management process. This includes helping to manage family dynamics and other non-financial issues that can often have a great impact on the success of a family’s financial plan.
  • Professional Advisors: Wealth management requires the timely coordination of legal advisors, tax specialists, corporate advisors, and other professionals. If such a network is already in place, we’re happy to help coordinate them; and if not, we can introduce you those experts best suited to your particular circumstances from among our best-of-breed network.
  • Operational & Administrative Support: The Harvest Group does more than just manage your wealth. We provide ongoing administrative support and work with your existing professionals to ensure a seamless wealth management experience.

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