Retirement Planning and Corporate Benefits

Do your employees know how to maximize their retirement, company, or government benefits for a stress-free financial future?
In today’s market, it is especially important to keep your employees happy and foster loyalty to your company. An easy and effective way to show you care about them and their future is to provide a complementary Retirement Planning and Education Seminar at your place of business.

For over 25 years The Harvest Group has worked closely with corporate benefit departments to customize retirement education workshops for employees

We help your employees understand their retirement options whether it be:

  • Pension Plan Options
  • 401k or 403B Plans
  • Medical
  • Social Security
    and more

In addition, we help them understand how their employer plans integrate with social security and other non employer benefits that they or their spouse may have. With this knowledge, the employee and their family can move into the next stage of their life with confidence.

Our Goal-Based Planning approach makes sure the scales are balanced for a worry-free financial future.

If needed, the Harvest Group has in-depth experience in all areas of financial planning and wealth management:

  • Retirement Planning
  • Family Needs Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Credit and Lending
  • Executive Compensation
  • Risk Management & Insurance
  • Estate Planning

Benefits to You, the Employer

•Helps reduce costs associated with employees’ personal financial problems
•Increases Participation in benefit programs

•Results in positive impact on employee morale and productivity

•Helps meet ERISA 404c requirements

Benefits to Your Employees

•Improves overall financial well-being
•Shows the importance of saving for retirement

•Increases confidence in making financial decisions

•Helps improve understanding of benefits

•Supports access to voluntary benefits

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