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Cultivate Your Financial Future With a Comprehensive Financial Plan 

At The Harvest Group, we are dedicated to helping our clients cultivate a strong financial future and achieve the freedom that comes with making the right financial decisions. We help individuals at all stages of life attain certainty in their financial decisions – and the satisfaction and peace of mind that comes with it.

We are a multigenerational team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™, who provide fee-only financial planning advice that can help you gain clarity about you and your family’s financial future. This includes answering an exclusive set of questions about your current financial status, future goals, and the individual, often complex, challenges that come with planning for the future. We’ll show you what it takes at each stage of your life to: achieve your financial goals, maximize your savings for college or retirement, allocate your investment portfolio, reduce risk via insurance and more.

By consulting with our experienced professionals, you will gain a better understanding of your complete financial picture. This includes an outline of your available sources of income, investment options, and existing and future lifestyle goals. Our advisors will then calculate your “probability of success” based on your stated goals and current financial standing. Your custom-made financial plan can then serve as the blueprint for your future planning needs.

While you have no obligation to continue working with The Harvest Group, you now have the option to join the Harvest Wealth Management for Life™ program which provides a combination of discretionary portfolio management, quantitative research, and integrated financial planning — not once, but over your lifetime.

But rest assured that our fiduciary commitment to you ensures that you receive tailor-made financial planning advice that is entirely in your best interest, we have no vested interest in any of our recommendations.

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Saving for college tuition, a new home, a comfortable retirement, or leaving an inheritance? Receive expert guidance on how to achieve whatever financial goals you have set for yourself and your family by creating a written financial plan. Your comprehensive Financial Plan from The Harvest Group includes:

  • a complimentary initial consultation and discovery meeting at which time we will gather information about your complete financial picture. Please be prepared to bring all relevant documentation with you;
  • after this review, we will be able to give you a firm quote for your financial plan. Plans start at $2,500* (depending on complexity) and there is no obligation to work with The Harvest Group on the implementation and management of your plan;
  • a written blueprint of what it will take to achieve your financial goals;
  • the final plan with detailed instructions and recommendations for implementation.

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Specialty Areas of Expertise

Financial Planning for Divorce:  Given the rising state of divorce in the United States, our team recognizes the difficulties many families face today. As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ (CDFA™), Laurie Ingwersen forecasts the long-term financial effects of the divorce settlement. Laurie works with clients individually or as couples, helping them to come to grips with the financial reality of their divorce on them as well as their children (if any). Developing

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comprehensive insight into the short and long-term financial effects of divorce can save valuable time, money and distress, especially if the process is conducted early in the legal proceedings.

Succession Planning for Family Businesses:  If you own your own business, do you have a comprehensive plan to ensure a smooth transition when the time comes to pass the reins? A family business succession plan is important to both customers (who want to know that their needs will continue to be successfully addressed after you go) and the family (typically 80% of a business owner’s net worth is tied up in their business which could evaporate if the business is not successfully transitioned to new owners). As a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA), Todd Ingwersen advises business owners and their families on creating family business succession plans and incorporating the family business into their overall financial and estate planning.


*If you choose to work with The Harvest Group, this fee will be used to offset future advisory fees

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