How we Serve

As a multigenerational family team of certified financial planners, The Harvest Group is dedicated to working with individuals and families to help them achieve their financial objectives. We provide individuals, families, and family businesses comprehensive, personalized wealth management solutions which we call Harvest Wealth Management for Life™.

Financial Planning

At The Harvest Group, we are dedicated to helping our clients cultivate a strong financial future and achieve the freedom that comes with making the right financial decisions. We help individuals at all stages of life attain certainty in their financial decisions – and the satisfaction and peace of mind that comes with it. By consulting with our experienced professionals, you will gain a better understanding of your complete financial picture. This includes an outline of your available sources of income, investment options, and existing and future lifestyle goals. Our advisors will then calculate your “probability of success” based on your stated goals and current financial standing. Your custom-made financial plan can then serve as the blueprint for your future planning needs.

Investment Management

The Harvest Group provides full discretionary portfolio management services to regional, national, and international clients. Our experienced CFP® Advisors work with you to develop a custom investment strategy that will help meet your needs now and into the future.

Wealth Protection and Service

The Harvest Group helps protect individuals and families financially by preserving the value of their assets against unexpected costs, such as disability, illness, tax liabilities, long-term care, or premature death. We understand that circumstances change over time, but what remains consistent is the need to preserve your lifestyle against unaccounted for losses.

Wealth Transfer and Estate Planning

Through our Harvest Wealth Management for Life™ service and its Lifetime Financial Management capabilities, we help individuals and families define the requirements for their estate plan and best methods of transferring their wealth. If a plan is already in place, we will work with you to ensure it is up-to-date in terms of titles, assets, and trusts.

Life Events

When it comes to individual and family wealth management, it pays to have a plan. The Harvest Group will help you prepare for all of life’s events so that you can spend more time enjoying the journey. Through our Harvest Wealth Management for Life™ service and its Lifetime Financial Management capabilities, we will help you identify all your planning needs and work with the correct expert to implement them effectively for events such as: births and adoptions, marriages and divorces, job and career changes etc.

Small Business Planning

Many business owners and partners of firms are looking for larger tax deductions and accelerated retirement savings. Cash Balance plans may be the perfect solution for them. Here at The Harvest Group, we can help you create a plan that perfectly suits your business' needs.

Executive Compensation

There’s more to executive compensation than meets the eye. Compensation plans today can be complex and have varying impacts on wealth creation and preservation. Leveraging our deep understanding of executive compensation strategies, we help you understand, analyze, and develop a plan to maximize the impact of your salary, stock options, and benefits. Harvest Wealth Management for Life™ helps senior-level executives extract the maximum value from their salary and benefits plans.

Responsible Investing

Responsible investing provides a personal connection for investors as it involves aligning your investments with your passions in life. We can help socially conscious investors invest directly into communities or develop portfolios based upon what matters most to them.