The Harvest Advisor Group

What is The Harvest Advisor Group?

The Harvest Advisor Group was created for advisors to modernize their practice, bringing true ownership to advisors and their employees for a brighter future, and a true succession plan for their team and their clients.

We are looking for like-minded advisors to join our growing team by becoming part of The Harvest Advisor Group.

The Harvest Advisor Group



Our Values Statement: As a family-owned business, we think of ourselves as a part of your extended family. Our shared values of respect, integrity and trust form the basis of every client relationship. Your family’s future is our priority and we take pride in providing financial advice that can make a difference in your and your family’s lives. At The Harvest Group, our mission is to give families peace of mind and we are grateful to our clients for the trust they place in us by putting their financial futures in our hands.

Benefits of Working with The Harvest Advisor Group

By joining The Harvest Advisor Group, you will partner and grow with one of New England’s fastest growing wealth advisors. At The Harvest Advisor Group you will benefit from:

  • A full-service wealth management firm modernizing the advisor practice and enhancing client experience
  • A multi-generational succession plan for advisors, their employees and their clients
  • State of the art technology
  • Compliance oversight
  • Equity ownership with growth and future liquidity in mind
  • A plan and process to help grow your business, attract new clients and talented employees
  • Tactical investment management solutions and unlimited investment choices
  • Back-office support services and personnel
  • Enhanced client experience – it’s all about you, not the Broker Dealer

Together we are:

  • Leaving the constraints of the wire house model behind
  • Increasing our net income with the possibility of a future liquidity event
  • Reducing the negative headline risk outside our control
  • Dedicating our resources to what is best for our team and our clients
  • Creating a bright and successful future to harvest the fruits of our labor

The Transition

Transitions take time but having a detailed road map to follow, with predetermined benchmarks, can help guide you through the process and give you the confidence to know you are making progress towards your goals. As your trusted partner, The Harvest Group can help you develop and manage the strategy of your personal road map. We will work with you to help you smoothly and efficiently transition your business. There is an overwhelming list of tasks that need to be completed prior to moving your business and we will take care of all of those tasks for you. We call it bringing the “24 Lanes Into 1”.

24 Lanes Into 1

Legal requirements, benefit packages for the company and staff, real estate, build out, furniture, technology, and compliance are but a few of the 24 lanes you will need to consider. Not only can it be time consuming, but it has to be done correctly and often times, discreetly and privately. We will do all of that heavy lifting for you. Imagine how much faster you could attain your goals if you could focus entirely on growing your business and leave the day-to-day details of running it to someone else!

Speaking with professionals such as The Harvest Group, who have been through the transition experience before, can be one of the most useful things you can do prior to embarking on your move. Leveraging our experience and learning from our successes and our mistakes can provide invaluable insight into the process, putting you into a better position to succeed.

Contact us today to learn about the full range of support services, back-office personnel and other benefits we provide—including transition services—and to discuss how you can join The Harvest Advisor Group. We can help you make your move quickly and efficiently.



The Harvest Advisor Group LLC is a firm with a passion for client service and entrepreneurial spirit. Let us help you realize your entrepreneurial dreams.

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