Investment Management

The Harvest Group Investment Management Strategy, Philosophy, and Research

“Win by not losing – during bear markets you not only lose money but more importantly you lose time, something that you cannot make back.” – Roger Ingwersen

Today, investing is dynamic, fast moving and challenging. Many people do not have the time or inclination to manage their wealth in markets that are global, interconnected, and know no time zones. More than ever, experience counts.

The Harvest Group’s Investment Management process is designed for clients who prefer to delegate the day-to-day management of their assets to an investment management professional who will design and execute tactical, discretion-based investment strategies.

Discretionary investment management allows our experienced Investment Committee to construct and actively manage an investment portfolio on behalf of each investor. This sophisticated process allows us to act quickly and efficiently on new information and seize new investment opportunities on behalf of all clients. From the standpoint of the investor, the discretionary investment program is subject to a high level of governance and oversight by The Harvest Group, which has a fiduciary standard of care to act in the best interest of the client at all times.

We believe that equity markets rise over long periods of time but do not always go up during intermediate and short-term periods. Bear markets do happen, and we believe they can be turned into opportunities by minimizing downside, possibly capturing appreciation in defensive asset classes, and then identifying great investments at lower prices.

Our philosophy of combining both schools of research allows us to participate in bull markets and protect assets in bear markets. It allows us to identify when to invest in certain investments and, more importantly, when not to.

The Harvest Group Investment Process

As an investor in The Harvest Group process, your portfolio is actively managed on a discretionary basis by our Wealth Management Advisors.

Through one of our trusted advisors, you will gain the benefit of professional advice and guidance from those working solely in your best interests, as well as the power of global asset management solutions. As an integral part of the Harvest Wealth Management for Life™ service, our investment process can be summarized in the following:

  1. We first assess the big picture and where we believe the markets are likely to move in the long-term using fundamental analysis.
  2. We review the broad universe of investments available to us. This includes over 12,000 mutual funds and close to 2,500 Exchange Traded Funds.
  3. Using a vast stable of research sources from fundamental and technical analysts we narrow the list of low cost and liquid investments for the current economic environment.
  4. We then identify specific investments by reviewing risk/return assumptions and technical analysis patterns for when to buy or more importantly when to sell different asset classes, sectors and subsectors.
  5. We build your diversified portfolio of asset classes and investments
  6. We monitor these portfolios daily and manage them going forward attempting to maximize upside and most importantly minimize downside and losses.
  7. We make investment changes based on discretion using bulk order trading technology. When making an investment change, the order for the position to buy or sell is combined into one “bulk” trade. The order is executed and each client receives the same average price communicated to them by trade confirmation notice electronically or by mail. This is usually at a lower-cost than if each order were executed individually.

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