Reduce Risk, Protect Your Future

Insurance is an important component of managing and protecting your financial future by reducing risk in your financial plan. By offloading risk and eliminating uncertainties, you are more likely to preserve your wealth and pass on your legacy as you intended.

The Harvest Group helps protect individuals and families financially by preserving the value of their assets against unexpected costs, such as disability, illness, tax liabilities, long-term care, or premature death. We understand that circumstances change over time, but what remains consistent is the need to preserve your lifestyle against unaccounted for losses.

As your circumstances change, it’s important to keep your plan up-to-date. The Harvest Group provides proven risk mitigation and wealth preservation strategies that can secure your financial future. We take a proactive approach to quantifying risks and formulating a mitigation strategy that can stamp out potential damage.

Our integrated Wealth Protection and Insurance services include:

Goal Protection

  • Life Insurance
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Disability Insurance

Income Protection

  • Disability Insurance
  • Business Overhead Insurance
  • Mortgage Protection

Liability Insurance

  • Umbrella Coverage
  • Key Man Insurance

Through our trusted network of advisors, we can help put your plan into action.

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